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5 tools for managing your social media accounts

Developing a content marketing strategy helps your brand consistently share messaging that’s timely and relevant, but that’s not the only thing that’s required.

If your brand wants to successfully use content and social media marketing to achieve your goals, you need management to be effective.

To monitor the conversations that are [...]

4 ways to create powerful landing pages for your website

With the rollout of Google Hummingbird, we know that sites that feature active and meaningful content marketing are being ranked higher in organic searches. To that end, landing pages can be used as powerful tools for brands to generate great content.

Landing pages can be easily created if your site [...]

Effective vs. Efficient Content

Effective content matters and connects with your readers. Efficient content can be produced quickly and shared on multiple platforms. Which one is better, and do you have to sacrifice one for the other?

One of the biggest challenges for content and social media marketers today is figuring out the balance. [...]

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6 Steps to Killer Content Marketing

Content marketing has quickly become the hottest buzzword for marketers looking to earn the attention of their audience in today’s digital world. However, when it comes to developing a strategy for digital content, many brands are stuck. They might create a blog or share content through their social media [...]

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Social Media’s Impact on Relationships in the 21st Century

This post was originally posted as part of the Nashville Business Journal’s Social Madness Series>  

There’s no denying the impact technology has made on our relationships, including the most significant ones.

Last year, USA Today reported that more than one-third of new marriages started online. But the world of online dating is evolving [...]

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Are Smart Phones Making Us Smarter?

This post was originally posted as part of the Nashville Business Journal’s Social Madness Series>  

Whether you realize it or not, the smartphone you’re probably reading this blog post on right now might be making you a smarter person. While our society seems to hold the idea that technology is [...]

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The WRONG Way to Grow Your Brand’s Facebook Presence

This post was originally posted as part of the Nashville Business Journal’s Social Madness Series>  

There’s a new danger sweeping social media that seems so harmless, you probably haven’t noticed. “Like farming” has become a way for Facebook page owners and Pinterest users to spam users after building their audience [...]

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3 Nashville businesses that have their content marketing in shape

This post was originally posted as part of the Nashville Business Journal’s Social Madness Series>  

There are a lot of similarities between content marketing and working out. Both take hard work. Both take time. And in the end, both lead to longer, healthier lives — for you and for [...]

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Social Media & The Next Generation: 3 things we should watch

Over the holidays, I watched my 5- and 9-year-old nieces navigate iPhones and iPads with ease, using the devices better than some CEOs I know. Today’s children and teenagers will never know a world without social media or handheld technology. Facebook users seem to be getting younger and younger, [...]

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3 ways to follow the Golden Rule of Twitter

The fact that ordinary people are bashing and criticizing celebrities and athletes directly and openly on Twitter has been a major subject in the media lately. For example, take the Alabama kicker who missed two field goals and had one blocked in the now famous Auburn game. After the [...]

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